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5 Steps to having a new patient generating chiropractic website.

Your clinic can have a new patient generating Chiropractic website by following these 5 steps.

1. Branding
Let's say you were shoe shopping and a Nike is on your left and another brand, let's say a Etonic (A Family Dollar brand dated from the 80's). Which one would you choose? No need to answer I already know what you'll say. Branding is and always will be the most important. After all you can't build a house without a foundation. This is why so many chiropractors jump from one provider to the next, there is no branding. You must establish your brand, and then and only then begin the process of marketing online.

2. Usability
Your framework must be easy to use for the person you put in charge of making small changes or blog posts. Without ease of use you will just avoid making any changes to your website.

3. User Friendly
If you visit your website and have no clue where you are going or what to do, well most likely your potential patients will get frustrated and leave. Just 1 potential patient lost means thousands, so you want a website that loads fast, easy to navigate, has high quality content and a great funneling system for patients that want to stay connected to your clinic. Your mobile side is just as important and needs to look high quality while driving traffic to the areas that convert clicks to patients.

4. SEO Knowledge
Which ever company you choose they must have SEO knowledge and a good understanding of how to build and maintain a compliant website. Be careful of anyone claiming to have a personal relationship or a premier partnership with google. Believe me when I tell you, google writes it in plain text on their help center. Is SEO key? Of course, that goes without saying and is null and void. Why is it null and void? Because every professional company knows all the rules that google throws at them. Why do I say google, well that's just the way it is. Google makes the rules, and web developers globally scramble to help their clients be in compliance. The reason SEO is 4th is once the user gets to your site, the design becomes key in doing 3 things. A. Getting them to remember you and enforcing to them that you are the authority on chiropractic in their area. B. Getting them to fill out a form or at least call you. C. Walking out of your door after they received an adjustment.

5. Understanding the Goals of Your Website
Yes, having a website is a pain. Yes, its something that you are probably always thinking about and always dread. Let me ease your mind a bit. Once you understand why you have a website it will free your mind so you can get back to helping people.

5A: We can't set your goals for you, this is something you must do to succeed online. So set a goal and stick with it.

5B: Fallback Plan
Notice drop offs and attack with precision. There's 3 protocols that can be put in place to prevent or cure drop offs.
1. PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement is an effective way to fight against these types of situations. Google Adwords for FaceBook you pick they both have their benefits.
2. Drip Email Marketing - Setup an automated newsletter a few times a month. Find the sweet spot and don't overload with too much content.
3. Evaluate your online presence - Just like everything on this earth things get old and trends are forgotten. Take a step back, do a search of chiropractor in your area and see where your ranking. Visit your website and put yourself in the users seat. Just like the old print marketing companies had to evolve you must too.

Now let me throw in a little advertisement of my own. If you have questions or simply don't know what to do and need advice, call us today. We'll educate you on our services and we can decide together if we are a right fit to work together. If we can't help you, we will give our honest opinion who can.

You can call Jeff Doyle, our director of Sales at 1-877-432-8458 extension 84.

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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