A Branded Web Design and Why It's Essential for Chiropractors

Brand design is one of the biggest concerns of companies that seek to increase their sales. When a potential patient sees your brand, they are not only thinking about the design, but everything that is associated with your clinic such as quality and effectiveness of the treatments you offer. Which has a large impact on their decision-making process and preference-based judgments.

Most chiropractors skip or forget about branding, they focus on what's easier or what's faster. As consumers we make many decisions throughout the day about things we use or things we buy. You probably don't even realize it, but you have chosen each and every product based on branding and design. You may pick one product from a shelf not based on quality but based on it's packaging. If the products packaging is designed well, our minds think that it must be better than the poorly designed product sitting next to it. Not only will you buy that product, but you'll continue to buy it. You'll even be proud of it and make sure you tell your friends, family, and co-workers that you purchased it. Once the user finds your website, you must have a thoughtful and professional design or they will move on to the Chiropractor who does. SEO is key, but branding is just as important.

We offer guaranteed top SEO, brand design, an easy way to edit pages, menus, images, and with our system you can setup automated emails. So once they find you with our SEO, remember you with our brand design, get contacted with our email marketing system, patients will walk through your door excited about you and your clinic. Afterwards they'll tell everyone about you and their experience at your office.

Sound far fetched? Read this real testimonial.

Dear 'Partners' at ChiroBuilt! I'm impressed! What more can I say! With-in a week of my website going online my 1st new patient, 'an electrical engineer', called and said 'I chose your practice because I was impressed with how professional your website is'! I see my website as an extension of my practice. I expect nothing less than the quality! I chose ChiroBuilt from amongst the top 3 chiro websites because of their
exclusive 'Chameleon" tools. To me the other websites looked 'cookie-cutter' and canned. A potential patient that is simply searching for 'the best' can see through this literally with-in seconds and move on to the next! If your are trying to decide which website developer to build 'your' website my advice is stop wasting time and just call ChiroBuilt and get on with it. You won't regret it! There are MANY 'cheaper' websites available. There is a reason they are called 'CHEAPER'!

Kenneth G. Andersen DC

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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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