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Almost done! Please read our Subscription Agreement, and if you agree fill out the required fields, and click agree. Doyle Advertising [the provider] is the creator and legal owner of "ChiroBuilt" web sites, including but not limited to all content, images, designs, logos, etc., and may not be used or reproduced without the written approval from Doyle Advertising. [This does not include any information belonging to a "Subscriber".] The Subscriber, being anyone who purchases a "ChiroBuilt" web site, will be granted the right to use all the benefits of "ChiroBuilt". All content owned and posted by the "Subscriber" will be the responsibility and property of its said owner.

Terms of the "ChiroBuilt" Subscription:

Your first year fees include the following:
• 1 year subscription of a "ChiroBuilt" web site.
• Setup of unlimited e-mail accounts.
• Online video tutorials.
• Domain name for one year. (Must pay $15.00 per year)
• 4 hours of customization time for your "ChiroBuilt" web site (Which includes menu item changes and customization). • Unlimited self-edits and uploads of photos and videos.
• Technical support of your ChiroBuilt Website by phone or by email.

After first year fees, your subscription includes:

• Unlimited self-edits and uploads of photos and videos. • Technical support by phone or by email. • Previously setup e-mail accounts • $15.00 per year for your domain name. (Excludes clients who choose to manage and purchase domain in their own account.)

Design and Content Agreement

We have worked hard to provide our clients with an amazing website. We have Intellectual patents and copyrights on our designs and content. There will be a $3,500 white label fee if any or all of our design/content is used after you cancel.

Early Cancellation and Non Payment Policy:

You are binded to a 1 year contract. After setting up your site, all accounts will be set on an auto pay program. Your contract is for a month to month base after your first year, if our system cannot process your payment, your “ChiroBuilt” web site will be temporarily shut down until payment is processed. If you wish to cancel your “ChiroBuilt” web site, you must notify “ChiroBuilt”. If you cancel before your first year term, there will be a $350 cancellation fee.

Upgrade Policy:

Security upgrades to your ChiroBuilt Website, and specific upgrades to the online 3D Patient Education Module are included. Optional upgrades for the online 3D Patient Education module may have a fee based on the caliber of features added. ChiroBuilt will never require said subscriber to purchase new products, optional upgrades, and optional Online 3D Patient Education Module upgrades. [Your subscription does not include "ChiroBuilt Upgrades, Design Upgrades, or new "ChiroBuilt" products.] Upgrades are not required to be purchased by the said subscriber.

Terms Modify Clause:

The Website Providers reserve the rights to delete, add or modify any use of its terms at anytime. "ChiroBuilt" reserves the right to deny services or products to any patron. By purchasing ChiroBuilt, you agree to the ChiroBuilt Subscription Agreement.


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